• RoemeniĆ« radio bericht

    My name is Carmen Todita and I was born in Romania. I grew up in Transylvania. As I show you on this website, I loved drawing and painting since I was a kid. These works of art displayed on this website were created using various techniques that I was allowed to learn from other artists during my education. I am happy to pass on this knowledge during the courses and workshops that I give in the Netherlands at CAREEL ART and in Romania at Casa CAREEL. During various exhibitions in the Netherlands and Romania I like to show my artworks.

  • Ermelo van NU

    Mijn moeder zei altijd: 'dit is geen beroep'"

    ERMELO - Met een grote glimlach vertelt de van oorsprong Roemeense kunstenares Carmen Todita over haar creatieve leven. Wie met haar in gesprek gaat, ervaart pure passie.